The goal of a diabetes diet is to prevent high levels of blood glucose. Different foods affect blood sugar in different ways. Some, such as simple carbohydrates, convert to glucose rapidly and cause blood sugar levels to spike. Others, such as complex carbohydrates, break down much more slowly, so spikes in blood sugar can be avoided. A diabetes diet restricts foods that quickly raise blood sugar and encourages foods that keep blood glucose readings stable.

For the most part, diabetes diet foods are those recommended as a healthy diet for people without diabetes too. They include complex carbohydrates, high fiber foods, and foods with a low glycemic index value. The glycemic index is a way of identifying how much of an effect a particular food will have on blood sugar levels when compared against the standard of pure glucose. An easy way to choose diabetes diet foods with a low glycemic index is to pick foods that are low in sugar, even natural sugar that is found in fruits and vegetables.

Diabetics need to be careful with their diets however, and consult charts that show glycemic index values and grams of carbohydrates. Meals must be carefully designed, and there is little room for error. In addition, care must be given to the amount of food eaten and the timing of meals.

Type 2 diabetes has been linked to a poor diet, obesity, and lifestyle choices. By adhering to a strict type 2 diabetes diet, it might be possible to avoid going on medications. But even if medications are necessary, it is still important to eat a proper diabetic diet in order to control blood sugar levels.

High blood sugar may cause serious medical complications such as organ damage, blindness, amputation of limbs, and cardiovascular disease. It is important to keep blood sugar levels within normal limits. A type 2 diabetes diet can help because it eliminates junk food, refined carbs, and sweets that cause sudden blood sugar spikes. Another benefit of a diabetes diet is that it is a healthy way to eat and may lead to weight loss, which can further improve one’s state of health.

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