When you are diagnosed with diabetes, you need all the help and support you can get. It is a very confusing time because you need to understand your disease in order to learn how to manage it. Diabetes support groups can help because you can learn from others who are struggling with the same issues as you. You can also get help from your family, doctor, and a dietician.

A big part of managing diabetes is eating a proper diet. Changing your diet can be extremely challenging, but it could literally save your life. Diabetes can be life threatening if it is not controlled. Diabetes type 1 often strikes in childhood and comes on suddenly with severe symptoms, but diabetes type 2 symptoms may go unnoticed for a long time.

Some common diabetes 2 symptoms you may experience include unexplained weight loss, constant hunger, extreme thirst, dry mouth, fatigue, blurry vision, and headaches. A diagnosis can easily be made through a simple blood test that is commonly done on a routine medical examination. Catching diabetes in the early stages is one good reason to have periodic health physicals.

Once you know you have diabetes, your doctor will probably advise you to lose weight if needed, increase your activity, and begin a healthy diet that will control your blood sugar levels. He may or may not prescribe medications right away. Sometimes, if you improve your lifestyle, you can put off the need for medications.

Diabetes medications can be taken in pill form or injection. In order to monitor the effectiveness of medications and diet, it is necessary to test your blood sugar frequently at home. A home blood glucose meter isn’t too expensive, but you will need to buy strips and pins for obtaining the blood. If you have to test your blood sugar several times a day, the costs can mount quickly.

Your health insurance may be a source of free diabetes supply products. If not, you can look around for a special deal on a glucose monitor. Manufacturers frequently steeply discount these so you will buy their strips to use in them. Someone in your diabetes support group may be able to help you find a source of free or inexpensive supplies needed to manage your diabetes effectively. If the expense is a problem, be sure to let your doctor know rather than skip testing.

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