There are many people trying to discover the main fibromyalgia causes so they will be able to avoid them. This is because they do not want to deal with fibromyalgia pain. Those who do experience the problem will notice that it is extremely difficult to get help as there is no known cure for the problem.

The main thing to know when pondering what causes fibromyalgia is that it is not something which can be nailed down. In general, those who experience the problem have a family history of experiencing the problem. The hereditary issue is a difficult one to trace because until recently, there were not many documented cases of the problem. Most doctors felt that the problem was in the minds of the patients.

Among the kinds of causes of fibromyalgia which may attribute to the issue includes smoking. This is a problem which has been linked to fibromyalgia but has not been labeled as a cause. There have been substantially higher amounts of cases which are reported in those who smoke, but it is not enough to say that this is a cause. This is why most doctors recommend that those who are experiencing fibromyalgia stop smoking immediately.

Another problem which is a possible cause is stress. Those who lead stressful lifestyles tend to be more at risk for developing fibromyalgia. This is why it is recommended that fibromyalgia suffers start taking yoga classes. The stress relief afforded by the exercise will help you to lessen the effects of the disease. Of course, the stretching methods used will also help to eliminate many of the root problems which are believed to be associated with the pain you are feeling.

As always, it is important to make sure that you are talking with your doctor any stressors or medical problems in your life. Getting regular checkups will help you to get the help that you will need to start feeling better. The doctor can discuss alternative methods for dealing with stress that you may not be aware of.

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